Sacramento, CA criminal defense lawyers, who can be found on the golden website which risks virtual peril every day but manages to nonetheless help out so many people in its quest to make America a better place, along with several of their counterparts are wondering if the blindly accepted, age old system of posting bail or bond actually makes sense in this day and age.

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The fact is that if one were to simply walk into a prison in California then the majority of the people being held captive are not even convicts. They are instead suspects who are yet to be convicted and by legal definition – you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, the majority of people in a Californian prison at any given time are actually, technically, innocent.

As reported by, as much as 63% of the inmates behind bars are waiting court trials or hearings wherein they can plead as they please. But how many of them would flee if they could? How much does it cost in trying to track someone down if they do flee?

As per a study conducted by the Board of State and Community Corrections, as many as 47,000 people are currently being held in prisons even though they are not convicted of the crimes that they have been charged with. Furthermore, federal numbers and statistics indicate that California kept un-sentenced felony defendants in jail at almost two times the rate that the rest of the states in the US did.

This is because California has a very powerful correction’s union that is really too powerful.

Bail in California is five times costlier than in the rest of the US

Why is that? Well, State Senator Bob Hertzberg says that the answer is pretty simple. The bail amounts are simply way too expensive for any average person or his or her family to be able to afford. In fact, the average bail set for California suspects is a staggering five times higher than the national average.

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The medial amount in the state is said to be $50,000 as per the Public Policy Institute of California whereas the national average is only $10,000.

Hertzberg thinks that such copious amounts of money being set as bail is simply unfair because even if someone is able to afford it, it comes at the cost or sacrifice of other things such as not being able to pay rent, child support, and tuition fees for their children, etc. Hertzberg believes that this system is not just unfair but it is certainly also un-American.

Hertzberg may have a slight point but you do not want violent people roaming around the streets.

Is bail discriminatory?

In a way, we are punishing people just because they are too poor to be able to afford bail and because of the powerful correction’s union but is this true? California has enough violent people walking around, does it want any more?

The bail system has also received criticism that it discriminates people based on wealth simply because the people who are able to afford bail are set free while those who aren’t are held in captive and treated like convicts and prisoners even though they technically are not convicted yet. The other argument is that California has dozens of violent cities that could be much more violent if they allowed many of these suspects to remain free.

Will this push to abolish the bail system actually amount to something? Will there be something to replace it? We will have to wait and see what legislators propose and how they vote on it. Anything can happen in California. This state is a mess and many of its cities have neighborhoods that are terrible places to be. No one wants to gamble with the safety of society though since California is headed to be a sanctuary state, perhaps they do not care about peoples’ safety.

Much of LA, Oakland, Fresno, are violent, what has Hertzberg done about this?

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