In Chicago, the Fourth of July weekend celebrations were a mix of happiness and horror. The fireworks that rang out in this city weren’t only the crackers that were lit in salutation of the forefathers, but also from the shooting incidents that happened rampantly across the city. More than 60 people were shot, and nine left dead according to the news reports in ABC7 Chicago. The bloody weekend was so full of terrible news that the Chicago Tribune had to publish a roundup of the attacks instead of focusing on each incident separately.

Chicagoland shootings boost crime rates

There was a time when Chicago was the holdout of the American gangster and it would seem that those days are returning again. The latest crime statistics in the city have shown a downhill trend, with more than 1,100 people being shot in Chicago since January of this year. Two years ago, when the murder rates in the city topped 500, the authorities were left shocked and desperate measures were taken to curb down the rampant crime. Hundreds of police officers were out on patrol duty, and neighborhoods and authorities were collectively working with community leaders in a last ditch effort to bring down the rates.

A terrible economy created by liberals

For some time, this desperation seemed to show results. In 2013, homicides rates dropped to 415. As residents of the windy city celebrated this first win, the first month of the New Year turned the tide on its head. Over the last six months, there has been an 8% increase in shootouts in Chicago city as compared to the same period in 2013.

Tough gun laws only helps criminals

Chicagoans have begun to feel that the city is not doing enough for them. Father Michael Pfleger of Chicago’s St. Sabrina Catholic Church said in an interview that such willful death was just ‘not acceptable’. According to Pfleger, violence of this rate was not bearable; not in Iraq, and certainly not in Chicago. The city has let down its residents for sure, and it would appear that the only people smiling in this tense scenario are the criminal defense lawyers practicing in the city who certainly have no dearth of cases to handle. If you are an attorney, Chicago is the best place for criminal defense attorneys to be right now.

Chicago a prison for its city dwellers

Given the situation in the city of late, it has no doubt become a prison for those who call it home. The police might quote decreasing numbers, and the official statistics may show a nose down dive, but truth is that for those who live here, the terror is palpable enough to touch. In comparison, the Fourth of July celebrations this year saw fewer deaths than the last holiday, but the irony of the matter is not lost on anyone. It is perhaps a reflection of the state of the nation as a whole that an entire city can be brought to its knees by fear on what is the most glorious day in American history.