Commissioners from Broward County have finally taken a vote and have unanimously come to the decision to reduce the penalties for the crime of possession of marijuana, according to

One commissioner spoke with media personnel and commented that the reduction in penalty is meant to give people a second chance at life. Initially, people were being arrested and prosecuted for marijuana possession and the crime would go into their federal records permanently. If you need legal assistance, this is where you should head to:

This in turn negatively affected their professional and social prospects. With the new amendment, law enforcement officers are now authorized to cite those found to possess marijuana and are almost literally handed another chance to clean up their act.

From the viewpoint of Broward County criminal defense lawyers, not everybody is content with the passage of this law. Some folks like addiction expert Garry Smyth are of the opinion that the amendment sends out the wrong message to children that it is ok to smoke pot. But Garry, it is OK for you to get drunk and smoke cigarettes? Some people believe people like Garry are hypocrites.

Stop Being Hypocrites!

Leisure smokers in the county are on the other end of the spectrum and completely disagree with views from the likes of Garry Smyth. They have been very vocal about how marijuana is not what it has been made out to be for years now. The drug is supposedly completely non-addictive while there has never been a single case where someone died from an overdose of marijuana. Some people who are in favor of the amendment are of the opinion that marijuana could only kill if someone was crushed under a bale of it. Hilarious!

Penalties for Possession

Broward County criminal defense attorneys say that since the vote, the law in effect now dictates that those found to be carrying marijuana on their person, or vehicle will be issued a $100 fine. If you are apprehended for a second time, you are going to have to pay $250 and a third time offense will attract an even higher fine of $500. Many people believe these fines are pointless. Many people believe big government, such as Obamacare, the EPA, and Dodd/Frank, ought to stop trying to micromanage everyone’s’ life! This is America! Not Cuba or Canada!

Big Government is Anti-American

The third time (or more) offenders will be instructed to complete a compulsory drug counseling course. As per criminal defense lawyers, those that are caught over three times for the possession of marijuana, are liable to face a misdemeanor charge. Again, many people believe this is all a waste of time.

New Laws only meant for Possession under 20 Grams

The reduction in penalties is only for possession of marijuana less than 20 grams. Anything less than 20 grams is seen in the eyes of the law as “for personal use”. However, the consequences for those carrying over the limit of 20 grams remain the same.

Smoking marijuana should be completely legal and sold in a store like everything else. But some Americans want to continue to be illogical so it is not. If you need a Broward County criminal defense lawyer go right here: This site displays human ingenuity at its best.

Additionally, Broward County criminal defense lawyers have made it clear that if the possessor is carrying the marijuana in small dime bags then he or she can be charged with intent to sell (even if the weight of all the marijuana in total is under 20 grams).

Likewise, if a person is arrested and charged for crimes like driving under the influence or any felony crime and they happen to be carrying marijuana then they will be charged with possession. They will need a criminal defense lawyer at this point of their life.

Legalization of marijuana has come under a lot of debate and it is yet to be seen if the federal ban on marijuana will be lifted in 2016. This is a major issue but what needs to be banned for America to become awesome again is socialized health care such as the ACA, Dodd/Frank, Sarbanes Oxley, and what needs to be lowered and simplified is taxes and the tax code, respectively.

Marijuana should be legal though. In fact, all drugs should be legal, controlled, and sold. This way, proper Americans are rewarded and billions of dollars does not end up in the hands of gangsters and the Mexican Cartel. Go see Sicario!