If you have been arrested of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants, you are probably just beginning to understand the severity of the potential consequences.  Not only does a DUI conviction carry the potential of a lengthy criminal sentence, but it can also have an impact that goes far beyond the criminal justice system.  A DUI conviction can impact your ability to drive legally, which can create a wide variety of other challenges.  It can impact your ability to get or keep a job.  It may be evidence in civil proceedings against you, if there was an automobile accident linked to the DUI charge.  It might also be used as evidence in seemingly unrelated civil proceedings, like divorce or child custody disputes.  In other words, even a single DUI conviction can have serious lifelong consequences. Seidman Law in Boca Raton offers aggressive legal representation.

DUIs seem to come from two different groups of people.  The first group of people are those who simply made an isolated error in judgment.  Maybe you drank on an empty stomach or had alcohol after taking an allergy medication, so that you were impaired under circumstances where you normally would have been fine to drive.  The second group of people are those who have established drug or alcohol problems, and this DUI might simply be another one in a long stream of criminal offenses linked to that addiction.  Whatever group you are in, the reality is that the criminal justice system is inadequate to deal with the underlying causes of DUI.  A person who made a mistake will not benefit himself or society by facing jail time.  Likewise, an addict is unlikely to find the help he or she needs if stuck inside the criminal justice system.



South Florida attorney Jason Seidman is a former prosecutor with specialized statewide DUI training seminar, which helped him master how to prosecute, and then how to defend, people accused of DUI.  If you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney before taking any action that could impact your case.   You can contact Jason at 954-740-0502 or visit him online at: www.www.defendingsouthflorida.com.