James Holmes, the 26 year old Colorado shooter who barged into an Aurora movie theater on July 20th, 2012 and killed twelve people is about to be put on trial. It is amazing how long this stuff takes. Many people believe he should have been executed with 3 weeks of these horrendous crimes.

The jury selection for his trail begins this October, but the blame games between the prosecution and the criminal defense attorneys hired by Holmes have already begun. Each side is alleging that the other has tried to mislead the victim’s families and the accusations are flying thick even as the defendant waits to go on trial for his crimes by pleading non-guilty due to insanity.

America should have a fast track court system for slam dunk cases like this – no more than 3 weeks.

Deluding the Victims

It was only last month that the criminal defense lawyers working on Holmes’ case accused the prosecution team of playing dirty. According to them, the prosecution lawyers had tried to enrage the victims’ families by spreading false rumors about the case. Allegedly, the prosecution went to town claiming that the lawyers from Homes’ defense team wanted the surviving victims and their families to speak out against the death penalty for Homes and create pressure on the jury and judge to not award a death row sentence for the shooter.

Holmes’ criminal defense lawyers claimed that the prosecution had willingly inflamed the victims’ families, and tried to destroy their credibility by spreading these stories.

In retaliation, the prosecution lawyers fired their answering volley yesterday alleging that a member of the shooter’s defense team had in fact tried to set up meetings between the families of the victims and anti-death penalty groups. They further asserted that a defense lawyer had tried to encourage at least one family member of the shootout victims to publicly denounce the death sentence for Holmes. Though the prosecution acknowledges the criminal defense lawyers’ need to defend their client at all costs, trying to influence the families by bringing in third parties is not acceptable behavior.

James Holmes cost America many innocent lives and millions of dollars for these crimes. He should have only cost America a few hundred thousand dollars in proving his guilt and he should have been executed already.

Insanity Plea Best Option

Last year, James Holmes decided to use insanity as his basis for his not guilty plea. A Centennial judge then accepted this plea and ordered him to undergo evaluation at a mental center to determine whether he should be convicted to a death sentence. Along with this prosecution lawyers were given access to a notebook that Holmes had sent to psychiatrist shortly before he went on his killing rampage.

According to criminal defense lawyers following the case, the insanity plea is the best option that Holmes has now if there is to be any chance of him evading the death sentence. Though if found to be an ideal candidate for the mental ward, Holmes will be sentenced to commitment in the Pueblo mental health center for a lifetime. Technically, he may be allowed to come out and live a normal life if the medical officers at the health center decree that he is fit to be a part of the world at large. But criminal defense attorneys say that since these releases happen only once in a blue moon, it is highly unlikely that Homes will be released if once committed to a mental health center.

America’s Criminal Justice System is on Trial

Many people believe Holmes should have been executed a long time ago and anything short of the death penalty is pathetic.