Picture this: You decide to go out for a late night snack at a local convenient store. Among all the things that can occur, a robbery takes place several blocks away and low and behold, your description matches that of the criminal who committed the crime. Police are on the hunt for the offender and before you know it, you are being taken into custody where you are questioned and accused of committing the infraction. This situation can end in two ways: you are either convicted for the crime, or the evidence in the case points elsewhere allowing you to resume your life.

Criminal defense legal representatives of Tennessee understand that while this scenario may seem a bit farfetched, being wrongfully accused of a crime happens, and it occurs more often than one would expect. Many individuals have been subjected to spending months and even years of their precious life locked away behind bars because of the mistakes made on behalf of police and those investigating the case, which is unfair and unethical.

But what happens if the scenario does not work in your favor and you are in fact convicted of the crime. Your best and only option of possibly making it out of this with the charges nullified is by choosing a leading Tennessee criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your case.

So what exactly can your criminal defense attorney do for you?

Well, you first want to be sure that you:

  • Gather all physical evidence relating to the mishap.
  • Make a list of known evidence that pertains to the incident that possibly points in another direction, alleviating you from being recognized as the criminal.
  • Identify and write down any witnesses that could possibly help prove your innocence.

Your criminal defense attorney in Tennessee will use all of this as a basis in formulating a plan of action in getting these allegations removed.

In the event your case is taken to court, your criminal defense legal counsel will help decide which plea option is best in handling the formal charges being held against you. Depending on how your evidence is used, and what evidence the justice system has against you, choosing the appropriate plea option can be the decisive factor when facing jail time and/or fines.

Your lawyer can also keep you from making mistakes such as these:

  • Destroying any evidence that could harm your case and truly make you look guilty.
  • Inform you to not talk to any victims involved in the incident, saying something that can be used against you in the court.
  • Speak with law enforcement regarding any aspect of the case.
  • Submitting to testing.

While there are many aspects included in a case involving a falsely accused individual, each and every step taken must be done with caution and thought. Therefore, do yourself a favor and obtain legal assistance immediately from a Tennessee criminal defense legal representative from USAttorneys who is guaranteed to answer all your questions, provide you with a trustworthy relationship, and work to appeal the decision of the court.