Individuals are arrested daily for several different reasons. While someone may in fact be guilty of committing a crime, others were simply at the wrong place and at the wrong time which has led up to them being accused of a crime they may not have had anything to do with. Unfortunately, things involving the law can get a bit complicated and risky when it comes to criminal charges which is why Cleveland, Ohio criminal defense lawyers are here to explain one aspect of the law and that is the difference between a bench warrant and an arrest warrant.

Whether you have an arrest or bench warrant, it is likely police will be actively searching for you.

The first thing to take note of is that both a bench warrant and an arrest warrant means police officials are looking for you, and depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, things could take a turn for the worst depending on how it is they finally come in contact with you. You can avoid being arrested or taken into custody in public by turning yourself in, but of course, it is always advisable to have an experienced and well-versed criminal defense attorney working with you and there to ensure you aren’t mistreated or mishandled by officials.

So, what is an arrest warrant exactly?

If you have been identified as a suspect to a crime, an arrest warrant may be issued.

If a judge believes you are the prime suspect who committed a crime, a warrant for your arrest may be issued. Usually, police will use information and evidence from their investigation that has led up to you being targeted as the offender. Witness statements can also be used as a reason to arrest you. Criminal defense lawyers nearby in Cleveland also point out that depending on the severity of the crime along with evidence could determine the level of force that is used upon police coming in contact with you.


Upon being detained, you will likely be placed in jail until a bond is offered, and in some cases it isn’t, and you will have to wait until a trial date is set for a judge to hear your case and determine what will happen next. During this time, it is crucial you have a skilled Cleveland criminal defense legal representative there representing you and working on your case.

Some individuals are arrested during a routine traffic stop if a bench warrant was issued.

Now, a bench warrant can be issued for any of the following:

  • Civil matters, such as being subpoenaed as a witness.
  • Criminal matters, such as failing to appear for a previous court date.
  • Child support cases.
  • Failing to appear for jury duty.

Depending on the crime or reason why a bench warrant was issued will determine if the police are actively searching for you. However, if you are found or stopped for let’s say a routine traffic stop, you will be taken into custody and possibly placed in jail.

If you or someone you know may have a warrant out for their arrest or a bench warrant was issued, it is highly advisable you get into contact with a reputable Cleveland, Ohio criminal defense law firm today through