The arrest of 25 year old drug dealing criminal Freddie Gray and his subsequent death in Baltimore has sparked a series of protests from violent thugs with the police being accused of brutality once again. According to a CNN report, Grey was arrested by Baltimore Police from an area in Baltimore notorious for drug deals. He was arrested on a weapons charge with Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez stating that no force was used during the arrest since Grey voluntarily gave up.

Political correctness and liberalism has destroyed another American city

Baltimore is a failed city; it has been run by Democrats for decades and it has been ran into the ground.

While a police officer had his Taser ready, neither he nor five of the other officers involved used any force. According to the commission, Gray seemed upset but was able to talk immediately after his arrest. However, when he was taken out of the police van, he was found not in a position to talk or breathe.

Thugs in Baltimore claim mistreatment and high bail numbers

While police have taken a stand and denied any wrongdoings, the cause of Gray’s spinal cord injury that led to his death is still unknown. There are also questions as to why the police took so long to call for an ambulance. As investigations continue, many protestors that were arrested in Baltimore have still not been charged or released following a bail hearing. This is because they are thugs, do not have a job to return to, and because they offer very little to society.

As per a Mashable report, some criminal defense attorneys are of the opinion that court officials are reluctant to go on with the proceedings in view of the demonstrations planned over the weekend. According to an attorney, bail has been set unusually high at $750,000 for some of those arrested. Some of those arrested during the riots allege they were only bystanders. Many people believe they should have been home reading a book or figuring out why their Democratic politicians raise taxes on business and then have no clue why businesses are not hiring.


Gov. criticized for letter to judge

According to Ocean City, Maryland criminal defense attorneys, state law mandates that anyone arrested must be produced before a court within 24 hours. However, of the 235 people since Monday, a majority of those have been denied a hearing until now. Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts claims that some protesters have been released and could be prosecuted later.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s letter to a district court administrative judge to suspend the need for the arrested to be charged or released within 24 hours also came in for much criticism. According to an attorney, 84 people were released before a judge could rule on a habeas petition filed by a public defender citing that their rights were violated. How about the rights of the businesses that they helped burn?

Transgender bullied and made to stay in a male facility

A criminal defense attorney representing a transgender woman who was arrested said her client was made to stay in a male holding cell. The 30 year old woman, who has been living as a woman soon after becoming a teenager was booked and identified as a woman but was transferred to a male facility. She was forced by officials to give up her bra when they discovered she was a male at birth. The attorney alleges that the transgender woman was bullied by detainees and officers with bail set at $100,000 despite being charged with fourth-degree burglary, which is a misdemeanor.

Another of the attorney’s client is a 50-year-old schizophrenic man who just happened to be among the crowd when he was rounded up by police. While bail was posted at $75,000 it was raised to $150,000 by the judge when the attorney remarked that the amount was similar to not setting bail at all. Wow! If you see nonsense like this in the criminal justice field you need to visit – there are fantastic attorneys on this site ready to help you.