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Can I Be Criminally Charged for Self Defense?

February 18, 2016/by DAMG

Super Bowl Sunday and the DWI Arrests Made

February 17, 2016/by DAMG

What Consequences Do I Face with Multiple DUI charges?

February 16, 2016/by DAMG

Do I Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer if I am an Accessory to a Crime?

February 12, 2016/by DAMG

Daycare Worker Convicted for Advocating Toddlers to Fight

February 11, 2016/by DAMG

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney When Wrongfully Accused of Child Abuse

February 10, 2016/by DAMG

18 Years in Prison, Yet Innocent of the Crime

February 9, 2016/by DAMG

Does a Police Officer Need a Reason to Stop Me?

February 8, 2016/by DAMG

The Difference Between Assault, Battery, and Sexual Assault

February 5, 2016/by DAMG

An Arizona Woman Wrongfully Accused of Robbery and Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

February 4, 2016/by DAMG

What Constitutes as a White Collar Crime?

February 3, 2016/by DAMG

What Does it Mean When Your Identity is Stolen?

February 2, 2016/by DAMG

Criminal Defense Attorneys and Their Support Towards a Victim of a Hate Crime

February 1, 2016/by DAMG

What is the Difference Between a Plea of Guilty, Not Guilty, or Nolo Contendere?

January 29, 2016/by DAMG

Convicted of a Murder Charge in Hartford, Connecticut?

January 28, 2016/by DAMG

What are the Facts Pertaining to the Possession of Controlled Substances in Florida?

January 27, 2016/by DAMG

How Can My Teens Life be Affected by a Criminal Charge?

January 26, 2016/by DAMG

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Represent Me in My Weapons Charge Case?

January 25, 2016/by DAMG

DUI Charges and Penalties in the State of Memphis, Tennessee

January 22, 2016/by DAMG

Can I File a Claim if I Was Wrongfully Accused of Perjury?

January 21, 2016/by DAMG

How Will my Misdemeanor Charge Affect My Applying for a Public Employment Position?

January 20, 2016/by DAMG

Employment Opportunities with a Criminal Charge on Your Record

January 19, 2016/by DAMG

Are You Aware of the Statue of Limitations on a Criminal Charge in Florida?

January 18, 2016/by DAMG

The Education and Consequences of Inflicting Violence Against a Spouse

January 15, 2016/by DAMG

What are the Risks in Driving Without Car Insurance Documentation in Arizona?

January 14, 2016/by DAMG

The Harm in Having One Drink Before Operating a Vehicle 

January 13, 2016/by DAMG

The Ins and Outs of Expunging and Sealing a Criminal Record in Texas

January 12, 2016/by DAMG

Find Yourself Present in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time in Fort Lauderdale?

January 11, 2016/by DAMG

Drunken Driving: The Basics of a Felony Driving Under the Influence Charge

November 19, 2015/by DAMG

Sobriety Testing after a DUI Stop – Breathalyzers, Field Tests, and Blood Samples

November 18, 2015/by DAMG

Arrests that do not Result in Criminal Charges

November 17, 2015/by DAMG

How to Fight to Beat a DUI/DWI in North Dakota

November 16, 2015/by DAMG

Key Defenses to Michigan DUI Charges

November 13, 2015/by DAMG

Broward County Loosens Up Law Governing Marijuana Possession

November 12, 2015/by DAMG

Criminal Defense Cases – Common Types of Criminal Defense Strategies

November 11, 2015/by DAMG

Criminal Defense – Methods to Defend Yourself

November 10, 2015/by DAMG

Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Florida

November 8, 2015/by DAMG

New Bad Kid on the Block – DEA Warns Against Synthetic Drug Flakka

November 8, 2015/by DAMG

Understanding Vehicular Homicide in Chicago, IL

October 29, 2015/by DAMG

What is the Difference Between Murder and Homicide in Albuquerque, NM?

October 23, 2015/by DAMG

What Constitutes a Property Crime?

October 22, 2015/by DAMG

How to Beat a DUI in Pennsylvania

October 21, 2015/by DAMG

What is the Difference Between Theft, Robbery, and Burglary Crimes?

October 19, 2015/by DAMG

What to Do After Getting a DUI in Austin, TX

October 16, 2015/by DAMG

What is the Most Common Crime on College Campuses?

October 15, 2015/by DAMG

Understanding Arson Crimes

October 14, 2015/by DAMG

Can You Get a DUI if You Admit to Being Drunk on Social Media?

October 13, 2015/by DAMG

The Many Degrees of Theft

October 12, 2015/by DAMG

What is the Difference Between Misdemeanor and Felony Crimes?

October 7, 2015/by DAMG

Can Gun Companies Be Liable for Shooting Crimes?

October 6, 2015/by DAMG

How Kate’s Law May Affect the Ways that Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Their Clients in Tennessee

October 5, 2015/by DAMG

Penalties for Property Damage Crimes in Detroit, Michigan

October 2, 2015/by DAMG

How Long Do Prosecutors Have to File Criminal Charges in Bastrop County, TX?

October 1, 2015/by DAMG

Does Increasing the Number of Concealed Weapons Licenses Lower Violent Crime Rates?

September 29, 2015/by DAMG

3 Reasons Why Houghton, MI Residents Don’t Worry About Crime

September 23, 2015/by DAMG

Riverside County D.A. Addresses Soaring Crime Rates

September 22, 2015/by DAMG

Criminal Trial for Former Bastrop County Deputy Continues

September 18, 2015/by DAMG

Murder Trial Begins for Former Bastrop County, TX Deputy

September 17, 2015/by DAMG

Florida May Be the Next State to Legalize Marijuana

September 15, 2015/by DAMG

Gloucester Chief of Police Calls for Action on Social Media after Overdose Deaths

September 10, 2015/by DAMG

Crime Watch Program Evolves in Indiana

September 9, 2015/by DAMG

Reward Offered for Stolen Trophies in Texas

September 8, 2015/by DAMG

LAPD Steps Up Efforts to Combat Growing Crime

September 4, 2015/by DAMG

Crime Rates Up in Los Angeles: What this Means for Locals

September 3, 2015/by DAMG

Transgender Woman Becomes Victim of Hate Crime in Los Angeles

September 2, 2015/by DAMG

Truancy No Longer a Crime in Dallas

September 1, 2015/by DAMG

FL Teen Killed with Machete & Buried Alive

August 31, 2015/by DAMG

Police Search for 2 Suspects Linked to Charlotte, NC Robbery Crime

August 21, 2015/by DAMG

Ft. Lauderdale Suspect Caught by Gold Teeth

August 20, 2015/by DAMG

Jared Fogle Set to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges

August 19, 2015/by DAMG

Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty to Child Pornography

August 19, 2015/by DAMG

Dallas Police Officer Charged with DWI

August 18, 2015/by DAMG

Man Responsible for Shooting a NY Firefighter Killed After 6-Hour Standoff

August 17, 2015/by DAMG

Crime Stoppers Offers $5K Reward to Help Catch Houston Walmart Robber

August 14, 2015/by DAMG

Ohio Teens Arrested for Robbery & Murder of Pizza Delivery Man

August 13, 2015/by DAMG

Driver Accused of Fatal Christmas DUI Crash in Las Vegas Waives Right to Hearing

August 12, 2015/by DAMG

Rise in Savannah Property Crimes Prompts City Alderman to Host Crime Meeting

August 11, 2015/by DAMG

Ohio Police Search for Suspects Linked to 6 Recent ATM Robbery Crimes

August 10, 2015/by DAMG

Does New York’s Criminal Justice System Favor Those With Money to Pay for Criminal Defense Lawyers?

August 10, 2015/by DAMG

Seattle Man Faces up to 10 Years in Jail for Hate Crime

August 8, 2015/by DAMG

Las Vegas Mob Museum Announces Plans to Open a FIFA Corruption Exhibit

August 6, 2015/by DAMG

ACLU Lawsuit Claims that Arizona’s Civil Forfeiture Laws are Unconstitutional

July 31, 2015/by DAMG

ACLU Lawsuit Claims that Arizona’s Civil Forfeiture Laws are Unconstitutional

July 31, 2015/by DAMG

New York False Arrest Attorneys: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Rights

July 10, 2015/by DAMG

Former Subway Pitchman not seen since FBI Raid on Zionsville Home

July 10, 2015/by DAMG

Jared Fogle, Subway Spokesman, in Fed Child Porn Investigation

July 9, 2015/by DAMG

Subway’s Main Spokesman’s Home Raided by the FBI

July 8, 2015/by DAMG

Notorious Mobster ‘Big Tony’ Found Guilty by Jury, may Face Death Penalty

July 2, 2015/by DAMG

Kettlebell Swinging Diddy Combs Arrested Felony Charge Released Bail

June 24, 2015/by DAMG

Wade Robert Hoover Appeals Sexual Assault Charges to Supreme Court

June 19, 2015/by DAMG