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Former Escambia County Deputy Sentenced to 30 Years for Sex Crimes Conviction

October 28, 2016/by DAMG

Roseburg, OR Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Marijuana Possession Laws in Illinois

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Public Defenders vs. a Nashville Defense Attorney

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Can I be Charged for a Crime Several Years After it was Committed?

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Chicago Police Officer Indicted for Abusing His Power and Privileges

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Should I Accept a Plea Bargain?

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Florida Teen Who Posed as a Doctor is Now Facing Identity Theft Charges

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Can I Be Placed in Jail if I Witnessed a Crime?

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How Can a Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Help me if I Violate Probation?

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Why Are Criminal Defense Lawyers Essential to Criminal Cases?

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Have an Unpaid Casino Marker? Here’s What You Need to Know to Avoid Jail

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Can I Go to Jail for Unpaid Child Support?

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When Computer Programs Decide Sentencing, Is Justice Served?

August 31, 2016/by DAMG

What is Megan’s Law and Why was this Offender Relieved from it?

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What is the Holmes Youthful Training Act in Michigan?

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What Influence Does a Florida Defense Attorney Have Over Jury Selection?

August 29, 2016/by DAMG

Did a Florida Substitute Teacher Choke a 5 Year Kindergartener?

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Can Pleading Insanity Affect the Outcome of a Criminal Case?

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How Did this South Carolina Teacher Ruin Her Career?

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What Evidence Convicted this Tennessee Father for the Murder of his Son?

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Why Has this Virginia Man Waited 40 years to Ask for Exoneration?

August 17, 2016/by DAMG

Why Was August 8th Marked as One of the Deadliest Days in Chicago?

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How Did Dayonte Resiles Escape and How was he Recaptured?

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Public Defenders vs. Private Defense Attorneys: Who Should I Choose?

August 2, 2016/by DAMG

What Did This Former Teacher Do That May Have Him Behind Bars for Life?

August 1, 2016/by DAMG

10 Criminals Caught in a Drug Sting: How Did Officials Carry It Out?

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What are the Penalties for Driving Drunk in North Dakota?

July 22, 2016/by DAMG

Are You a Suspect to a Crime You Didn’t Commit?

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Are Police Reprimanded for Crimes in the Same Manner as Civilians?

July 20, 2016/by DAMG

Bench Warrant and Arrest Warrant: What’s the Difference?

July 19, 2016/by DAMG

Why are Pokémon Go Gamers at Risk of Being Arrested?

July 18, 2016/by DAMG

Pokémon Fan? Here’s Why Gamers Need to Heighten Their Awareness When Playing

July 12, 2016/by DAMG

Are Roadside Drug Tests Reliable? Fort Lauderdale Lawyer Discusses New Report Claiming They Are Inaccurate

July 12, 2016/by DAMG

Was Philando Castile Racially Profiled Resulting in His Death?

July 7, 2016/by DAMG

Alton Sterling: Was His Death a Shear Disregard for Equality?

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Which is Better Public Defender or Criminal Defense Attorney? Alexandria Lawyer Explains

July 5, 2016/by DAMG

Did Michigan Crime Labs Give Bogus Results to Target Medical Marijuana Users?

June 27, 2016/by DAMG

U.S. Supreme Court Allows Evidence from Illegal Stops, What Does It Mean for the Fourth Amendment?

June 21, 2016/by DAMG

Did an Arizona Man Attempt to Kill His Mother Using a Dumbbell Weight?

June 21, 2016/by DAMG

Will Arizona Legalize the Recreational Use of Marijuana?

June 20, 2016/by DAMG

How Did an Arizona Man’s “Beer Run” Turn into A Criminal Case?

June 17, 2016/by DAMG

Drug Possession Law: The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

June 16, 2016/by DAMG

Was the Shooting at Pulse Nightclub a Terrorist Act or a Mere Act of Hate?

June 13, 2016/by DAMG

Can Police Seize Your Money Without an Arrest or Warrant?

June 9, 2016/by DAMG

Why Does the Brock Turner Rape Case Have Many Flaring with Anger?

June 7, 2016/by DAMG

Was Prince’s Death Caused by an Overdose?

June 2, 2016/by DAMG

What Happens After I’m Arrested in Cleveland?

June 2, 2016/by DAMG

Fight The Law With These Four Legal Services!

June 1, 2016/by DAMG

Obama Shortens Sentences for Non-Violent Drug Offenders

May 13, 2016/by DAMG

Was the Former Broward Teacher Union President Criminally Convicted?

April 15, 2016/by DAMG

Theft and the Charges an Individual May Face

April 13, 2016/by DAMG

The Specifics Behind Being Released on Bail

April 12, 2016/by DAMG

Former BJ’s Employee Charged for Stealing $14,000 for College Tuition

April 11, 2016/by DAMG

Miranda Rights and the Exceptions that Come Along with Them

April 8, 2016/by DAMG

Couple Accused of Having Sexual Relations with Their Students

April 7, 2016/by DAMG

The Penalties an Accomplice Faces for Engaging in a Crime

April 6, 2016/by DAMG

What are the Criminal Charges One Faces for a Hit and Run?

April 5, 2016/by DAMG

The Investigation Continues for Maria Duval, the Psychic Scam Artist

April 4, 2016/by DAMG

Can I Be Criminally Charged for Riding a Bike While Intoxicated?

April 1, 2016/by DAMG

Texas Man Received Reprieve Hours Before Facing the Death Penalty

March 31, 2016/by DAMG

The Penalties One Faces for Engaging in a Hate Crime

March 30, 2016/by DAMG

Do I Face Criminal Charges if a Friend Steals?

March 29, 2016/by DAMG

Kendall Jenner Sues for Appearing in Acne Ad Without Permission

March 28, 2016/by DAMG

Criminal Penalties for Child Abuse and Neglect

March 25, 2016/by DAMG

Miami-Dade Restaurant Manager Accused of Hiding Camera in Restroom

March 24, 2016/by DAMG

The Serious Penalties for the Crime of Kidnapping

March 23, 2016/by DAMG

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Your Traffic Case?

March 22, 2016/by DAMG

Criminally Convicted for Stealing Quarters

March 21, 2016/by DAMG

Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Why You Want Their Help

March 18, 2016/by DAMG

FBI Releases a List of the Most Violent Cities in the U.S

March 17, 2016/by DAMG

Spring Break Becomes More Than Just a Vacation from School

March 16, 2016/by DAMG

The Inside Information Regarding Embezzlement

March 15, 2016/by DAMG

Former Mississippi Court Clerk Guilty of Embezzlement

March 14, 2016/by DAMG

Shocking Statistics Involving Domestic Violence

March 11, 2016/by DAMG

Tips for Proving Your Innocence When Wrongfully Accused for a Crime

March 10, 2016/by DAMG

Two Sisters Attempt at Stealing Money from a Police Department

March 9, 2016/by DAMG

Charged with Violating Your Probation?

March 8, 2016/by DAMG

Can the Government Take an Individual’s Assets Without Notifying Them?

March 7, 2016/by DAMG

Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain the Facts Pertaining to Disorderly Misconduct

March 4, 2016/by DAMG

Viral Video of Teen Assaulting Teacher in Tennessee

March 3, 2016/by DAMG

What Does “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Mean?

March 2, 2016/by DAMG

Can You Be Convinced You Are Guilty of Committing a Crime That Never Existed?

March 1, 2016/by DAMG

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney When Wrongfully Accused of a Crime

February 29, 2016/by DAMG

Common Cases of Those Charged with OWI in Iowa

February 26, 2016/by DAMG

Criminal Defense Lawyers: Their Abilities and Understanding of the Law

February 25, 2016/by DAMG

Florida is Recognized for Its Poor Reputation Regarding the Stand Your Ground Law

February 24, 2016/by DAMG

What Charges Do I Face if Accused of Robbery or Burglary in Missouri?

February 23, 2016/by DAMG

Medical Marijuana Patient Charged with A Felony for Synthetic THC

February 19, 2016/by DAMG