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Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York

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Common Defense Strategies in New York

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Ice Cream Man Takes Revenge — Then He Goes to Prison

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Penalties for Selling Guns to the Cartels in Florida

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Why You Should Be Careful When Selling These Sculptures

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How Bad Can a Florida DUI Really Be?

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Search of Punta Gorda home for drugs results in arrests

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Arson in Florida: The Circumstances Matter

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MSP Trooper Charged After Unlawfully Beating Civilian Who Wasn’t Using the Sidewalk

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Rapping About Crimes in New York — Can You Be Arrested?

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What Is the Penalty for Selling Counterfeit Art in Florida?

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Suspect is seen stealing items from retail store in Punta Gorda area

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Florida, Deputy Charged with a Misdemeanor for Hitting Inmate 

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Fort Myers, Florida, Driver Who Rammed into Dentists Office Charged with DUI

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Police find driver trafficking fentanyl in Punta Gorda area

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Fighting a Drive-By Shooting Charge in Largo

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I Committed Covid-19 Loan Fraud in Mississippi: How Screwed Am I?

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What is a “Boiler Room” Fraud Scheme in Florida?

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The Most Commonly Smuggled Animals in Florida

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Can You Go to Jail for Possessing Precursors in Mississippi?

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Could You Face Hundreds of Years in Prison for Your Crimes?

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From Court to College: Broward College Now Offers Free Education to First-Time Offenders in Florida

February 8, 2023/by Maha Rehman

Florida Police Pursuit Leads to the Death of Mass Shooting Suspect 

February 7, 2023/by Maha Rehman

Many individuals arrested in Punta Gorda for drug crimes

February 7, 2023/by brian

Michigan Woman Arrested in Connection to Downtown Atlanta Riot

February 4, 2023/by jennifer

SUV driver kills bicyclist in fatal DUI incident

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Consequences for Buying and Selling Fake Degrees in Florida

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Five Michigan Women Arraigned on Felony Charges in Connection With Ulta Shoplifting Raid

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The Penalties for Running “Grandparent Scams” in Florida

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Is Public Intoxication Really Illegal in Mississippi?

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Punta Gorda traffic stop turns into arrest for active homicide warrant

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Juice WRLD’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused of Stealing From Walmart

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Michigan Man Arrested After Attempting to Cash Fraudulent Check

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What Happens if You Purchase Weapons and Other Equipment for Felons?

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Three questions that people who have been arrested should ask their defense attorney

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What is the Penalty for Hiring Illegal Mexican Workers in Florida?

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What is the Penalty for Porch Piracy in New York?

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What are the obligations of a criminal defense attorney in Punta Gorda?

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What is the Penalty for “Swatting” in Florida?

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What Happens if You Steal Medical Supplies from Florida Hospitals?

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Can Police Search Your Car After a Traffic Stop in Mississippi?

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Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested: Why This is Only the Beginning of a Larger Crackdown

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Fort Myers, Florida, What Are Some Defenses for Firearms and Weapons Charges?

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Fort Myers, Florida, Taking Legal Action When Charged for a Cyber Crime

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What Happens if You Sell Steroids in Florida?

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Fort Myers, Florida, Can A License Be Retrieved After a DUI?

December 7, 2022/by Maha Rehman

Michigan Woman Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison For Possession and Intent to Distribute Fentanyl

December 6, 2022/by jennifer

You Could Face Murder Charges if Someone Overdoses on Your Drugs

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Yes — “Mayhem” is a Real Criminal Offense in Mississippi. Here’s What You Need to Know

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You’ll Never Guess How Many Times This Guy’s License Has Been Suspended

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What is a coerced police confession in Punta Gorda?

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What Happens if You Lie to the FBI?

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Why Was a Poll Worker Arrested at a Flint, Michigan Polling Center?

November 25, 2022/by jennifer

Michigan Police Officer Arrested After Brandishing Weapon at Girlfriend

November 25, 2022/by jennifer

Four important questions people have after an arrest in Punta Gorda

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Firework and Chemical Company Exposed as Front for Drug-Dealing Operation

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He Stole a Police Car and Went for a Joyride — You’ll Never Guess How He Avoided ALL Charges

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Can a traffic stop result in criminal charges in Punta Gorda?

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What Counts as a Hate Crime in Largo?

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Fort Myers, Florida, Is Jail Time Always Required for Drug Convictions?

November 7, 2022/by Maha Rehman

What Happens if You Kidnap Your Own Child and Leave the Country?

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What is the difference between legal and illegal searches in a criminal case in Punta Gorda?

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DUI convictions in Key West carry these minimum punishments

November 2, 2022/by brian

What’s Worse? A DUI or Getting Caught with Drugs in New York?

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These are the most important parts of a DUI case in Key West

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Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Hiring a Hitman in Florida

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The Dangers of Counterfeiting in Mississippi

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Why is jury selection important in criminal trials in Punta Gorda?

October 26, 2022/by brian

Young drivers may suffer serious life altering events for DWI in White Plains New York.   

October 25, 2022/by nora

What Happens if You Try to Smuggle Drugs into Florida Prisons?

October 22, 2022/by efigueira

What Happens if You Commit Crimes as a Postal Worker in Florida?

October 19, 2022/by efigueira

Who’s Eligible for Biden’s Marijuana Pardon?

October 9, 2022/by jennifer

How to Get Your License Reinstated in Michigan After a DWI Charge

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What is the Penalty for Being a White Supremacist in Mississippi?

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What Happens if You Smuggle Technology Secrets to Russia?

October 8, 2022/by efigueira

What factors can affect sentencing after a criminal conviction in Punta Gorda?

October 8, 2022/by brian

Does New York Really Have a “Revolving Door” Criminal Justice System??

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What Are the Penalties for Looting After Hurricane Ian?

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Can You Really Go to Prison for Harming the Environment?

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Why Fleeing from the Police is Never a Good Idea in New York

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What happens when an intoxicated person operates a boat in Punta Gorda?

September 14, 2022/by brian

What causes a warrant to be issued in criminal cases in Punta Gorda?

September 5, 2022/by brian

Palm Beach Gardens Teacher Charged with 30 Counts of Child Pornography

September 4, 2022/by jennifer

Here are the reasons why a criminal defendant should not admit guilt in Virginia

August 29, 2022/by brian

Three questions that criminal lawyers in Punta Gorda receive from first time offenders

August 25, 2022/by brian

What factors can affect sentencing in criminal cases in Punta Gorda?

August 18, 2022/by brian

Mississippi Becomes World Leader in Mass Incarceration

August 17, 2022/by efigueira

How does the state prove criminal charges against a defendant in Punta Gorda?

August 11, 2022/by brian

Michigan State Police Recover 22 Pounds of Cocaine During Traffic Stop

August 7, 2022/by jennifer

What is restitution in a criminal case in Florida?

August 5, 2022/by brian