A criminal conviction and sometimes even just a criminal charge is enough to taint a person’s character and negatively impact his or her life permanently. They say that knowledge is power and that statement is certainly true when it comes to the law.

The more educated you are, the more you have the ability to make informed decisions. Today we will take a look at some arrests/crimes that contrary to popular belief do not necessarily end up in criminal charges being filed. If you or anyone you know is facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you hire the professional services of a Boston DUI lawyer and get started building a defense strategy.

You cannot wait too long to put this plan into action. Click right here to make this happen. Moreover, this would be like having a baseball season without any spring training at all. How do you think your season will go if you do not practice? How do you think your trial is going to go if you do not have legal help working with you to put in action and to formulate a concrete defense for your case?

When the Crime is of a Trivial Nature

State prosecutors have packed schedules as they relentlessly attempt to keep hardened criminals off the streets and in the jails. These busy prosecutors sometimes decide not to file charges when they determine that the crime or offense in question was an insignificant one.

Some examples of such crimes are possession of marijuana (without intent to sell), unlawful protesters, etc.

According to Boston DUI attorneys, the jails in America are already housing more convicts than they were designed for. Putting all and sundry or anyone who had some pot in their pockets is only going to aggravate that problem and there is a good chance these guys will come out worse than when they went in. Locking up non-violent people does not make that much sense. Violent people need to be locked up for even longer than they already are.


When a Non-Violent Offense Enters Mediation

Some jurisdictions allow for the dissolution of minor, non-violent offense related litigation through mediation where a suitable agreement is reached. This helps keep such cases out of the already busy courts and allows for the court system to focus on more severe and serious criminal cases. If you need to know whether mediation is an option in your jurisdiction then consult with a Boston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Error on Part of Law Enforcement Officer during Arrest

Law enforcement officers are human too and are hence prone to errors like the rest of us mortal beings. They are required to adhere to certain rules when carrying out searches, tests, and arrests. They cannot violate a suspect’s constitutional rights. If it transpires that such rights were violated during an arrest, the prosecution may drop the case as the defense can easily have it dismissed.

Here is an example of an error on part of a law enforcement officer, to give you a better picture. Let’s assume officer X pulls over a suspect Y for no apparent reason and subjects Y to sobriety testing and it turns out that Y was over the legal limit. Then even though Officer X has direct evidence of the crime, the case can still be beaten simply because the officer is not supposed to pull someone over without a good reason or cause for suspicion.

Just because someone is barely drunk does not make them an unsafe driver!

There are a handful of other crimes or circumstances where prosecutors may decide against pursuing a case. To get a comprehensive understanding of these circumstances it is prudent to consult with a judicious Boston DUI lawyer. You can make this thought a reality with his striking website and legal resource center: https://usattorneys.com/.