Criminal defense attorneys in Chandler, Arizona provide a few suggestions to keep in mind in the event you are being recognized as an offender who engaged in criminal activity.

Being suspected of committing a crime may have you worried, scared, and unsure as to what you should do when you are free from guilt, yet fingers are being pointed in your direction. When a perpetrator goes missing after an infraction occurs, police and other investigators begin searching for anyone who may fit the description of that of the individual who was seen engaging in this unlawful act. However, just because you have recently been recognized as someone who looks like this person doesn’t necessarily mean you were the one who violated the laws.

Defense lawyers remind you to protect your rights and have an attorney present before answering any questions.

Should I hire an Arizona criminal defense law firm to represent me?

No matter how big or how small the offense may be, you don’t want to be tricked into taking the blame for a crime you simply didn’t commit. Investigators may approach you and take you in for questioning, however, their ultimate goal is to lead you into believing or saying something that may not be completely accurate.

Remember, these investigators are trained in a particular manner to intimidate you, and trick you into either confessing to something you didn’t do, or having you so terrified you get your stories mixed up, which is return leaves the impression that you are lying. Criminal defense lawyers in Arizona remind you that you are not required to speak to these investigators, and if you wish to have a lawyer present in the event they approach you again, you can do so to help protect yourself from self-incrimination.


Can I be arrested if I am suspected of committing a crime?

In some instances, if an investigator received a witness statement or some other form of confirmation that you may be the offender, you are at risk of being arrested. And when this happens, you do in fact want to get in touch with a criminal defense legal representative nearby in Chandler, Arizona who is familiar with the area, and current with the laws pertaining to the charge you are currently facing.


Hiring a criminal defense law firm can benefit you and keep you from being charged for something you didn’t do.

Are there any reliable criminal defense law firms located in Chandler, Arizona?

If you are a suspect to a crime, or have officially been charged with it, consider reaching out to the Zachary Law Group, PLC. It is important you obtain legal representation immediately so you have a well-versed and experienced legal professional working on your side and defending the statements you have made.

If you are looking to hire a legal professional now, the dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers working at the Zachary Law Group, PLC can be reached at 480.389.3533 where you will be provided with a free consultation to further discuss the details of your criminal matter.