Police officers are usually the individuals we turn to when a car accident occurs, a spouse becomes abusive, or obscene behavior is occurring right before our eyes. While we rely heavily on our officers to come to the rescue, we must remember they are people too, and not always do they conduct themselves in the appropriate manner. Unfortunately, criminal defense attorneys in New York City are identifying one officer of the NYPD (New York Police Department) who could ultimately be convicted for several charges stemming from driving while intoxicated.

Batka was driving while drunk which led to him striking 4 pedestrians, killing one.

CBS New York displayed the story on July 19th, and among all the officers who have received some sort of consequence, only one was publicly named. Officer Nicholas Batka, 28, who now is facing serious charges for the crime he committed, was the named individual who was responsible for taking the life of Andrew Esquivel, 21, and injuring three others who “were sent to the hospital in critical condition.” Local New York City criminal defense lawyers point out that Batka was traveling in his sport-utility vehicle on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn when he “struck four pedestrians.”


The officer’s Facebook page displayed that he may have had an alcohol addiction.

According to news reports, Batka did have alcohol in his system and allegedly had a “substance abuse problem” as photos were displayed “of Batka posing with alcohol on his Facebook page.” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams witnessed these photos and “believes the deadly drunk driving accident could have been prevented if Batka had received help from the POPPA program,” which has been designed and developed to help law enforcement officers who may be struggling with addiction.



With the current charges Batka is now facing including, “manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated,” he is sure to need a dedicated New York criminal defense attorney to represent him and his case seeing that police officers are expected to uphold a certain standard, whether they on are duty or off.

Whether an officer is on or off duty, they are expected to display a certain type of behavior.

Although it is unclear as to why other police officers have been reprimanded due to this unlawful act committed by their fellow officer, apparently, because they were seen traveling with him on separate occasions aside from the fatal accident he engaged in, they too have been implicated by his negative behavior. Some of the officers have been “stripped of their guns and shield,” while others were disciplined and “placed on modified duty “for the good of the department” according to sources.

All of the officers who had some sort of connection with Batka were reportedly off duty, and Batka himself was off duty when he struck the pedestrians as he drove while intoxicated.

When a police officer conducts themselves out of line of the behavior that is expected, it often becomes public knowledge, and makes the case that much more difficult for a criminal defense law firm to obtain a favorable outcome for them. Criminal defense legal representatives take on cases involving DUI constantly, but when an officer is the prime suspect of the matter, things have a tendency to become a bit complicated.