If a person has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Florida, their criminal history is available for public access, however, certain individuals may incur a cost to obtain this information. For instance, if a relative, partner, or acquaintance wanted to obtain a person’s criminal history report, they could do so by visiting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) website and paying a $24.00 fee. Employers and potential employers may be able to access this information another way depending on the process they use to conduct a criminal background check on an employee or potential employee.

Either way, if someone wanted to access another individual’s criminal history record, they could do it if they are willing to pay the costs. Generally, if an individual doesn’t want their criminal history report to show past arrests and convictions, they need to have them sealed or expunged.


What is the difference between a sealed record and an expunged record?


When an individual gets a criminal history record sealed or expunged, it means the public no longer has access to it. When a record is sealed, the FDLE says only certain governmental and related entities will still have access to the information. When an individual gets a record expunged, the majority of the entities that could access the record will no longer be able to see the it but instead would see that a record has been expunged.

Individuals in Largo, FL who wish to have an arrest or conviction record sealed or expunged will first want to confirm that the record qualifies to be sealed or expunged. There are certain crimes an individual cannot get removed (i.e.hidden) from their criminal history record.


The Seal and Expunge Process


Anyone in Largo, FL who wishes to get a record sealed or expunged will need to submit an application with the FDLE. The FDLE says processing times typically takes 12 weeks from the date the Department receives the completed application packet. Before the FDLE grants a request to have a record sealed or expunged, it will take the time to research whether the record is eligible to be hidden from a person’s criminal history report. It is worth noting that the FDLE processes applications in the order in which they were received and does not offer expedited services.


Questions Regarding Getting a Record Sealed or Expunged?


If anyone has any questions regarding the seal or expungement process, or has a concern pertaining to an arrest or conviction in Largo, FL, they can contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates to speak with a Largo, FL criminal defense lawyer. Trevena, Pontrello & Associates is backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced Largo, FL criminal defense attorneys who dedicate themselves to those who are in need to of legal advice and help.


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