After facing arrest in Orlando, Florida individuals are entitled to their constitutional rights, and they don’t have to subject themselves to cruelty or unnecessary interrogation. The first right a person has is the right to remain silent. Of course, a person must present their ID when requested by officers, but they don’t have to give excessive information regarding what happened, they can request for their attorney to appear before they converse further with the officers.

The nature of a person’s crime is especially important when determining what legal rules apply to them. For instance, if a person has committed a crime that is punishable by life or if they violated their probation then they will not be given a bond like in every other criminal case.

Other rights that every person is given include their right to see the evidence being used against them including police reports, witness statements, and videotapes regarding the crime. In Florida, individuals also have the right to a fair trial in front of a jury. The jury will generally consist of six individuals unless a person has committed a capital offense.

Seeking the Help of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

Though a person accused of a crime is allowed to partake in Pro Se representation, and they are allowed to represent themselves, this is not recommended in the least. Going in front of a judge and jury in a courtroom can be very intimidating and even if a person is not guilty, they may end up making mistakes because of their apprehension and this can cost them significantly.

Anyone accused of a serious crime should connect with an attorney who specializes in dealing with criminal defense cases so they are not taken advantage of and they are able to put up their best defenses in a court setting.

There are specific legal procedures and rules that everyone is expected to follow in a courtroom and failure to follow these rules can negatively affect a person’s case. Not only are there procedural rulings, but there are also specific rulings regarding the presentation of evidence, and anyone who hasn’t studied law will generally fail to meet the requirements for the legal presentation of the evidence they have. No matter what sort of crime a person is accused of, they should call a criminal defense lawyer to help them through the legalities.

Get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Donald Lykkebak today to get advice on one’s criminal case and to start building the correct legal defenses.

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