It’s sparked the interest of civil rights advocates and has the president of the local branch of NAACP urging Baton Rouge’s mayor and police department chief to resign. It’s the unfortunate discrepancy that has caused yet another innocent life to be taken, leaving citizens protesting in front of the scene of the crime, yelling “no justice, no peace,” and “black lives matter” as they attempt to inform community of this nefarious act displayed by police. Criminal defense attorneys in Baton Rouge are here today to share with you some of the disconcerting details to this story leaving an uproar of flustered citizens looking for answers to this unsolved case.

The death of Alton Sterling is going to require an extensive examination to determine why he was brutality killed.

While it is evident that there are many cases making their way across news headlines involving police brutality and mistreatment, this appears to many citizens across the U.S. to be yet another, but this time, it has gone far beyond the hands of the Baton Rouge Police Department. According to CNN News, The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the U.S. attorney’s office, and the FBI are all investigating the specifics of this case as many are under the impression that Sterling was brutally killed, and for no valid reason.



Criminal defense lawyers local to you in Baton Rouge point out that Sterling was only 37 years of age, selling CD’s outside of Triple S. Food Mart to make a living for him and his three children. The store owner, Abdullah Muflahi, witnessed the entire event, standing just a few feet away as his friend of six years was shot to death by two Baton Rouge police officers. They are identified as Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II.

Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyers also point out that the two officers had arrived on scene as they received a phone call claiming Sterling was out in front of the store with possession of a gun. While police may claim they had reasonable suspicion to investigate the intentions of Sterling as they approached him, the issue arises as Louisiana is recognized as a “pro gun” state and allows its residents to step foot in the open public with their weapon as long as it is concealed.

One inconsistency that stands is the fact that residents of Louisiana can in fact carry a gun.

The troubling factor, though, lies in Sterling’s background as he has multiple charges including drug, firearm, and theft.  One aspect of this that has inflamed the NAACP and all others is whether Sterling’s rights were revoked as he was taken down, not even given a moment to understand why he was even being approached by these officers.


Criminal defense legal representatives in Louisiana point out that in the viral video that was recently released, the officers yell out “He has a gun,” and then several gun shots were released. However, Muflahi, who was the eye-witness to the crime, stated “His hand was not in his pocket, nor did he have the gun in his hand. Video link

With all the inconsistencies surfacing, between Louisiana allowing individuals to carry a gun with or without a permit and Sterling remaining calm in the video as the two officers became quite forceful and aggressive with him, the U.S. Attorney’s office had better produce some sort of explanation as citizens are growing intolerant to these killings that continue to occur, and for no apparent reason.