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Alaska ranks very high in terms of states that have the highest sexual crime rates. This high crime rate is not limited to sexual crimes only. In fact, violent crimes and property crimes are also steep on the graph with respect to the state of Alaska.

As per numbers published in the state’s official crime report, the national crime rate in Alaska surpassed the national average by a staggering 40.44 % and the state’s property crime rate was in excess of the national average by a shocking 25.18%. Not impressive! Apparently all that darkness for part of the year decreases some people‚Äôs morality which is a shame since an evil act is an evil act regardless on whether the sun is shining or not.

Needless to say, these numbers are alarming. What it translates to is the fact that the chances that an Alaskan resident will become a victim of violent crime or property crime is nearly twice the amount for violent crimes higher than for the average American.


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However, these numbers do not paint an accurate picture. While the crime rates are higher in Alaska than the average, the numbers may be blown out of proportion considering the fact that many people are not only falsely accused of committing crimes, but unfortunately, they are even wrongfully convicted.

One can attribute this to the ruthless and relentless state prosecutors in Alaska who want to ensure that suspects become convicts and receive the maximum sentences possible. With such passionate state prosecutors presiding over the judicial system, the honest truth is that public defenders simply cannot match up and often end up getting the shorter end of the yard stick and the people that suffer are their clients or the suspects who need to be represented by Alaskan criminal defense lawyers who have less of a caseload.

This is why if you or anyone you know has been accused of committing a crime you need to do everything in your power to defend yourself to the fullest. However, the only thing that is really in your power at this point is the choice and the option to talk to one of our esteemed criminal law experts about your case by setting up an appointment and then retaining the legal pro to ensure that he or she represents you in the case.


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Our criminal defense legal representatives in Alaskan criminal law are well aware of all the tricks in the book which prosecutors use to have suspects convicted. Our legal counselors are highly experienced (if one is not, they make up for it in other ways), have exceptional track records, and will stop at nothing to ensure that you are defended and that your innocence is proven beyond doubt.

Even in extreme cases, where the prosecution has very strong evidence against you which is seemingly insurmountable, our legal pros will know how to approach prosecutors the right way and strike a plea bargain where in exchange for pleading guilty, you are convicted of a lesser charge and thus a reduced sentence.

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