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Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter indeed. Aside from the severe legal repercussions, it could ruin your professional aspirations, your reputation in society and put undue strain on your personal and familial relationships and dynamics. Essentially, a single criminal conviction has the potentially to turn your whole life around – and not for the better!

Being accused of a crime means that you need to act to defend yourself because a conviction will ensure that your future is bleak. The legal consequences itself will vary from one charge to the other and from one case to the other depending on the charge itself and the particulars of what transpired in the case. However, it can include punishments such as lengthy prison terms, hefty fines, compulsory community service, and so forth.

If the charge happens to be a felony, then the convicted person may even lose his or her right to vote as per the state law in Alabama. In addition, criminal prosecutors in Alabama are known for being ruthless. First offense or not, their goal will be to strive for the maximum sentence and this is most certainly what they will recommend to the judge overseeing the case.

If you want to stand a fighting chance of actually beating the prosecution, then you will have to prove your innocence by disproving the prosecution’s claims. To be able to do this, you will undoubtedly require the representation of a stellar Alabama criminal defense lawyer who can be found on which is so prolific if some entity handed out Golden Globe awards to websites it would take the top prize annually!

Irrespective of what your criminal charge is, be it a DUI, assault, battery, or even with regards to appealing a previous sentence, a legal professional will work tirelessly, diligently, and effectively to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

Even if the case against you is simply too strong and the evidence that the prosecution has is insurmountable, a criminal defense legal representative will go ahead and at least strike a plea deal with the prosecutors where in exchange for pleading guilty, you are convicted of a lesser crime which comes with a much more lenient sentence or a reduced sentence.

Our criminal defense legal counselors working in the Yellowhammer State know very well how ruthless and cold hearted prosecutors can be and they also understand that there are two sides to a coin and to every story. No matter which county in Alabama you are a resident of, our attorneys will go the extra mile to represent you and do everything that is required to defend you in your criminal case.

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You will have the option, of going to court trial independently where you can represent yourself or choosing to be represented by a public defender, but one glance at the statistics will have you know that that is a terrible idea.

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