Actor Shia Labeouf was arrested in New York last night when he attempted to disrupt a Broadway production of the popular musical ‘Cabaret’. The actor, who retired from active public life last year, has followed up his bizarre former antics with this latest act where he was caught smoking and using obscene language in the theater.

He must think he is the male version of Lindsay Lohan! Shia, keep screwing up and Transformers 5 is out of the window! Wow, you are going down the Megan Fox route now (even worse!). She may be in Transformers 5 and now you!

Why is he dressed like this? Not even soldiers dress like this when they come home or are off duty. Nothing wrong some hard work though.

An unkempt ad red-eyed Shia was released from jail today after a night’s arrest and detainment. Coming on the heels of his paper-bag-wearing-shenanigan at the Lars von Trier premiere earlier this year, this is another incident of shocking behavior from the famed Hollywood star.

Charged for Disorderly Conduct

The actor was charged with one count of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing after last night’s act. Before the police was called though, the star was allegedly requested to stop his disrupting behavior many times by the security guards at the theater – a request he repeatedly ignored.

This isn’t the first time that Shia’s criminal defense lawyers have had to come to his rescue. In 2011, February, the actor was involved in an altercation at the Mad Bull Tavern, Sherman Oaks, California, where he reportedly had a brawl with another drinker. Due to the timely intervention of his criminal defense lawyer there were no charges filed against the budding actor, but he was however briefly detained in jail by the LA police department.

Prior to this, the actor had another brush with the law in July 2008 when he was arrested in a posh West Hollywood address for driving under the influence. At that time, the drunk actor had had an accident in which he collided with another vehicle and ended up rolling his pick-up truck.

Is he falling apart? Trying to be like Bieber? Going to ruin his career like Lohan? Shia, you are young, do not toss away all that money and burn too many bridges.

Shia’s Growing List of Misdemeanors

The Hollywood actor sure has kept his criminal defense attorneys busy. If the above two cases were the only misdemeanors against his name, one could still forgive himand give him a second chance. But these are just more notes in the list of the actor’s display of unruly behavior.

Prior to his latest arrest and detainment at Broadway in New York, the actor had previously been arrested by the LAPD after he drove into his neighbor’s car and threatened him. Not only this, he then walked up to his neighbor’s house and allegedly stood there with a kitchen knife in his hands. The LAPD had to charge him with assault with a deadly weapon, and his criminal defense attorney had to once again rush to his rescue.

More Like Infamous!

Shia Labeouf had earlier retired from public life after graphic novelist Daniel Clowes had accused him of plagiarizing and using his work to prepare the short film Howard that Shia released at Cannes this year. His antic with the paper bag in February, when he wore a brown bag marked with the words ‘I am not famous anymore’ to the premier of the movie Lars von Trier has scarcely been forgotten when this Broadway incident has once again put the focus on Labeouf’s bizarre and not-so-funny behavior.

It is too bad because he tore it up in the Transformers movies and they probably were and are the best action movies of all time.