Finding A Lawyer Should Be Simple



Who We Are is a convenient and free site that lets you connect with experienced criminal defense lawyers in your area quickly and easily. Though many types of matters may require legal assistance, the importance of hiring top legal representation for a criminal offense is immense. Without an attorney skilled in the criminal laws pertaining to your state, you may be forced to pay the price for an offense you may not have even committed. At, our goal is to prevent this from happening.

A successful case verdict begins with a successful attorney, but finding your ideal representative isn’t always so simple. Many lawyers claim to be the best at what they do, but when it comes time to actually representing their clients’ needs, they fall short or may not even be licensed to practice law. Those accused of committing a crime do not have time to weed out the ill-experienced attorneys from those who truly case about their clients and have the knowledge, passion and skills to obtain a favorable verdict. Knowing this, we offer access to only qualified and superior legal professionals across the United States.

How to Connect with a Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

To find a criminal attorney in your hometown, select your state from our interactive map and you’ll find a list of the top lawyers representing your area. You can then click on each attorney’s profile to obtain more detailed information to help you make an informed decision. We provide information on each lawyer’s background, firm, accolades, and other important facts that will help you narrow down your choices and select the attorney you feel most comprehensively meets your criteria and can best represent your case. Information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience, and we also provide other useful tips and information on criminal defense matters in general to assist you throughout the entire duration of your case. Once you choose who you would like your legal counsel to be, you can contact the attorney directly or use our convenient contact form and one of our representatives will assist you further.

Tips on How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

Everyone has different goals when determining who they wish to represent them during a criminal case. However, there are certain important steps to choosing ideal legal counsel that everyone can benefit from. If you or someone you love has been accused of committing an offense or wishes to appeal a court sentence, below are a few tips to help you select an attorney.

  • Research the attorney to determine their credentials. Do they have all the qualifications you are looking for? Do they specialize in the area of criminal law pertaining to your specific needs? Are they transparent with their information, or do you feel as though they have something to hide? These are all important questions you should answer in order to ensure you choose the best legal representation.
  • Assess your level of comfort. Does the criminal lawyer appear to have a genuine, vested interest in your case? Are they open and honest with you? Are they easy to talk to? How well do they explain themselves? Establishing a personal rapport and level of comfort is important when choosing legal counsel, especially for something as life-changing as a criminal defense case.
  • Determine the attorney’s ability to communicate. If the attorney in question is never around, only takes your calls between a certain timeframe, or never returns your calls at all, you’ve got a serious problem. A good client-attorney relationship is based on open lines of communication. If you can’t reach your attorney, how will you ever be able to ask questions or express your concerns? Make sure the attorney you choose has flexible hours and caters to YOUR needs when it comes to availability.
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