Violating federal or state laws and the consequences these “criminals” face are often never linked together until it comes time for sentencing, standing before a judge with their criminal defense attorney by their side. That perhaps is when the offender truly understands the degree of the crime committed, and the possible pain they forced upon victims, as well as the friends and family of anyone who may have been hurt, or worse-killed.

Many criminals do in fact deserve the penalties given, although for some, when standing before that judge during their arraignment, inside they know they were never guilty of the crime. Being wrongfully accused of a crime isn’t something uncommon or unheard of. In fact, many individuals have wasted a numerous amount of time behind bars due to false allegations, as well as an illegitimate conviction.

Those who find themselves in these unlucky predicaments sometimes manage to regain their freedom with the right aid from a determined and driven Wisconsin criminal defense attorney. Others may not be as fortunate to obtain such legal assistance, therefore taking the burden, and the jail time.

A prime depiction of a wrongful conviction can be heard through Steven Avery’s case, which has made its way into a Netflix series titled, “Making a Murderer.” On January 10, 2016, the Wisconsin State Journal brought attention to this victorious, yet saddening story of Mr. Avery, and his wrongful incarceration that lasted 18 years. He was charged with sexual assault, released from prison, and then arrested and convicted for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Luckily, a law school group encouraged a DNA analysis that finally revealed Avery’s innocence in regards to the crimes he was convicted for, although it took 18 lengthy, bitter years for his victory to come.

With all the pride, excitement, and tears that came along with the welcoming home of Steven Avery, those 18 years will never be given back, and the experiences one could have acquired are long gone, not to mention the damaging of his family and the loss of what was once a complete family.

Wisconsin criminal conviction lawyers urge those who have been falsely charged with violating laws or committing illegal actions to obtain the proper legal aid to ensure they do not fall victim to losing priceless years that can never be given back. If you have a loved one who has already been found guilty, yet they are free from guilt, reach out to one of our highly experienced criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin to fight for the justice of the unjust criminal conviction.

The faster you secure legal services, the quicker you are on your way to resolving the case, and removing this innocent individual from a place they never truly deserved to be in.