Criminals are taken in and off the streets day in and day out. Some for possession of narcotics, others for breaking and entering, and many who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time that who are accused of committing a crime they simply that had no involvement with. But, criminal defense lawyers in Arlington, Virginia note that 10 individuals have been taken into custody as a result of an undercover drug operation, and in this particular case, they may have a difficult time proving their innocence. NBC Washington News covered the story on July 14th, and criminal defense attorneys nearby in Arlington are here to shed some light on the facts surrounding this drug sting.

Detectives went undercover, posing as drug buyers to determine whether a crime was being committed.

It was an undercover operation that lasted nearby seven months and mainly covered the Clarendon area. “Detectives posed as drug buyers, purchasing cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.” According to officials, this major drug ring was allegedly selling these products and also MDMA. They would sell the drugs in front of local bars and restaurants in Arlington, however, their attempts must have become quite obvious which led police to begin the sting and investigate whether or not any illegal activity was occurring.

Arlington, Virginia criminal defense lawyers nearby point out that Ashley Savage, who is a police spokeswoman, stated that many of the “drug-related meet-ups regularly occurred at the bar and restaurant Whitlow’s on Wilson,” and two of the identified criminals involved in the drug raid worked part-time at the restaurant. Manager Jon Williams was shocked when he was contacted by police officials before the investigation began, and fully complied with the needs detectives had to carry out their sting.

After being arrested for various crimes, the ten involved individuals are sure to need an experienced criminal defense lawyer working for them.

After it was confirmed that drug transactions were occurring at this particular bar and other local restaurants, police arrested nine individuals who are being charged for various crimes including the possession and distribution of marijuana, cocaine, and MDMA, and one even faces charges for child endangerment. The tenth suspect arrested was brought in for sending threatening texts and was charged with “obstruction of justice and sending death threats by text.” Arlington, Virginia defense attorneys note that this last individual, Tesfayie Tesfa, 29, was recognized for sending these messages to those undercover officers who posed as civilians and drug buyers.

As police continue to work on making Arlington nightlife safe, officers are out on patrol in the Clarendon area looking out for any more suspicious activity. All the individuals busted in the sting were between the ages of 22 and 32, and until they are seen before a judge, it is yet to be determined what crimes they will be punished for. One thing is for certain, and that is that each suspect arrested is going to want to have a dedicated and aggressive Arlington, Virginia defense lawyer working alongside of them.